Fantastic Four Comic Book #1 Values & Price Guide

Fantastic Four Comic book #1 is considered as the earliest of the Marvel Silver Age key issues. It is often credited as one of the most important comics in Marvel’s history, helping usher in the “Marvel Age of Comics” and effectively placing Marvel as the top comic publisher for many years.  Most comic book collectors and historians considered Fantastic Four comic #1 as the start of the Marvel Age of comics.


CGC 6.0 – $27,000.00
CGC 4.0 – $7,500.00
CGC 3.5 – $5,000.00
CGC 2.5 – $4,250.00
CGC 1.0 – $2,300.00
Ungraded –

UK Version

United Kingdom Fantastic Four #1 comic books are similar to the United States versions, however the price that appears on the front cover is 9d.Fantastic Four UK Version (Features 9d Price)

CGC 6.5 – $6,000.00
Ungraded – $2,671.80

Golden Record REPRINTS

All reprinted comics had slightly different covers, and the Golden Record Reprint came along with an LP record of the story (pictured). While Reprints are worth a fraction of the originals, they are still collectible — especially since for many collectors, the original issues are high valued and are well beyond their budget.

CGC 7.5 – $400.00
CGC 6.5 – $325.00
Ungraded – $100+

Here’s how to easily identify a reprint from an original one:
-Reprints have NO PRICE on the front cover
-Reprints are thinner, because they don’t have ad pages inside
-The back cover of reprint is different.

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