The Amazing Spider-Man #129 Comic Book Values & Price Guide

The Amazing Spider-Man #129 Front Cover

The Amazing Spider-Man #139 is a valuable & desirable comic book to collectors of all ages. The book is defined by the 1st appearance of Frank Castle aka The Punisher. The Amazing Spider-Man #129 Published: February 1974 1st Appearance Of Continue reading

Death Of Superman Comic Book Value Price Guide

Death of Superman #75 Poly Bagged

Chances are you stumbled upon this article looking for the value of the Death of Superman comic book you have or are interested in buying/selling. Now, it all depends on which Death of Superman issue you are referring to, so Continue reading

The Avengers #1 Comic Book Values & Price Guide

The Avengers Comic Book #1 Front Cover

Released: September 1963 Story: Stan Lee Cover & Art: Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers Avengers #1 comic book is the origin and 1st appearance of the Avengers – as a team – which were originally Thor, Ant Man, Hulk and Continue reading

Top 25 Comic Book Sales – May 2014

Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 4.0

This month’s top selling comic book auctions has some interesting inclusions of comic books we don’t see very often. There was a sale of a rare VD public service comic book, Daredevil #1 and a Green Lantern comic book. Enjoy Continue reading

Superman Comic Book Values and Prices Issues #61 – 70

Superman #61 Front Cover

Superman #61 Released: November/December 1949 Estimated Value: Ungraded $100 – $400+ This is a significant issue of Superman where the Origin of Superman is retold. In this issue, the 1st reference to Krytonite is made. At the time of publishing, Continue reading

Heroclix Captain America The Winter Soldier List

Heroclix Captain America Winter Soldier Booster Box

Heroclix Captain America Winter Soldier List Release Date: March 12, 2014 1  Captain America (TWS Common)  Avengers Initiative  Common 2  S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier (TWS)  Shield  Common 3  Black Widow (TWS)  Avengers Initiative  Common 4  Batroc (TWS)  Marvel Unaffiliated  Common 5  S.H.I.E.L.D. Continue reading