The Walking Dead Comic Book Issues #21 – 30 Values

The Walking Dead #21 Comic Book Front Cover

Thanks for checking out our Walking Dead Comic Book Price Guide for issues #21 – #30. A few things to consider about the values below are they reflect copies that have already been graded (which costs and extra fee) and Continue reading

The Amazing Spider-Man #129 Comic Book Values & Price Guide

The Amazing Spider-Man #129 Front Cover

The Amazing Spider-Man #139 is a valuable & desirable comic book to collectors of all ages. The book is defined by the 1st appearance of Frank Castle aka The Punisher. The Amazing Spider-Man #129 Published: February 1974 1st Appearance Of Continue reading

Death Of Superman Comic Book Value Price Guide

Death of Superman #75 Poly Bagged

Chances are you stumbled upon this article looking for the value of the Death of Superman comic book you have or are interested in buying/selling. Now, it all depends on which Death of Superman issue you are referring to, so Continue reading

The Avengers #1 Comic Book Values & Price Guide

The Avengers Comic Book #1 Front Cover

Released: September 1963 Story: Stan Lee Cover & Art: Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers Avengers #1 comic book is the origin and 1st appearance of the Avengers – as a team – which were originally Thor, Ant Man, Hulk and Continue reading

Top 25 Comic Book Sales – May 2014

Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 4.0

This month’s top selling comic book auctions has some interesting inclusions of comic books we don’t see very often. There was a sale of a rare VD public service comic book, Daredevil #1 and a Green Lantern comic book. Enjoy Continue reading

Superman Comic Book Values and Prices Issues #61 – 70

Superman #61 Front Cover

Superman #61 Released: November/December 1949 Estimated Value: Ungraded $100 – $400+ This is a significant issue of Superman where the Origin of Superman is retold. In this issue, the 1st reference to Krytonite is made. At the time of publishing, Continue reading