2018 Topps The Walking Dead: Road to Alexandria

-2 Hits Per Hobby Box with One Autograph Per Box

Release Date: April 2018

2018 Topps The Walking Dead: Road to Alexandria features the most important story lines from the first seven seasons of the hit show.

100 Base Cards show how the group of survivors made their way to Alexandria, and focus on the greatest moments along the way.

There will be 4 inserts to collect: Characters, Better Days, Factions and Walker Hall of Fame.
Costume relic cards features screen-worn material from the show.

Hunt after the autographed costume Relic Cards with parallels and the Dual Relic Cards with parallels to run after.

Find rare Dual Autographs and Triple Autographs with parallels to chase. Hunt after the extremely rare Dual Autograph Relic Cards, which features two costume pieces and two autographs on one card. Also find Sketch cards which features characters from across all seven seasons.

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