Batman Comic Book Values & Prices Issues #191 – 200

Batman #191


Published: May 1967
Story: Gardner Fox
Art: Joe Giella
Cover: Carmine Infantino

CGC 9.0 Reprint – $110.00
CGC 8.5  Reprint – $150.00
Ungraded – $12.00 – $55.00

This issue features  “The Day Batman Sold Out”. When Ira Radon absorbs so much radiation that he is forced to give up his life of crime, he decides to get revenge by dousing Batman’s equipment with deadly radiation, forcing the Dynamic Duo to give up his career.

Batman #192


Published: June 1967
Story: Gardner Fox
Art: Joe Giella
Cover: Carmine Infantino

CGC 8.5 Reprint – $80.00
Ungraded – $5.00 – $50.00

This issue features “The Crystal Ball That Betrayed Batman”. The Dynamic Duo accidentally come across a crime committed by the Fearsome Foursome and succeed in capturing a member of that gang; Batman then disguises himself as that crook in order to infiltrate the gang and nab the leader.

Batman #193


Published: July 1967
Story: David Vern, Edmond Hamilton, Bill Finger
Art: Charles Paris, Win Mortimer, and Sheldon Moldoff.
Cover: Dick Sprang, Win Mortimer and Sheldon Moldoff

CGC 8.5 – $100.00
CGC 8.0 – $65.00
Ungraded – $12.00 – $32.00

This is a Giant 80-page issue.

Batman #194


Published: August 1967
Story: Gardner Fox
Art: Joe Giella
Cover: Carmine Infantino

Ungraded – $10.00 – $110.00

Batman #194 features “The Blockbuster Goes Bat-Mad”. By chance, a reformed Mark Desmond sees a Batman display at a local department store and reverts back to his Blockbuster persona, which goes out to destroy anything related to the Dynamic Duo.

Batman #195


Published: September 1967
Story: Gardner Fox
Art: Joe Giella and Jack Abel
Cover: Carmine Infantino

Ungraded – $6.50 – $25.00

This issue features “The Spark-Spangled See-Through Man”. Creegan steals some jewels from the laboratory of a scientist, who has treated the gems with radiation; During a battle with the Caped Crusaders, Creegan is transformed into a skeletal figure possessing a deadly electrical touch.

Batman #196


Published: November 1967
Story: Gardner Fox
Art: Joe Giella
Cover: Carmine Infantino

CGC 8.0 – $95.00
Ungraded – $12.00 – $43.00

This issue features “The Psychic Super-Sleuth”. The Dynamic Duo team up with a person they believe to be a psychic detective, but soon learn that he is an imposter, and his men are holding the real Dubrov prisoner.

Batman #197


Published: December 1967
Story: Gardner Fox
Art: Sid Greene
Cover: Carmine Infantino

CGC 8.0 Reprint – $125.50
Ungraded – $10.50 – $100.00

4th Silver Age appearance of Catwoman in “Catwoman Sets Her Claws for Batman!”. Catwoman decides to reform and become a crime fighter like Batman in order to get him to somehow propose to her; When he doesn’t, she gives him a  take-it-or-leave-it deal: to marry her or she returns to crime.

Batman #198


Published: January 1968
Story: Bill Finger
Art: Murphy Anderson and Charles Paris
Cover: Carmine Infantino and Bob Kane

CGC 9.6 – $1,199.00
CGC 7.0  Reprint – $50.00
Ungraded – $11.50 – $30.00

This is an 80-page Giant Reprint issue. This issue features “The Origin of the Batman” . Batman tracks down the killers of his mother and father.

Batman #199


Published: February 1968
Story: Gardner Fox
Art: Joe Giella
Cover: Carmine Infantino

CGC 8.0 Reprint – $110.00
CGC 8.5 Reprint – $95.00
Ungraded – $8.50 – $25.00 

This issue features “Peril of the Poison Rings”. After escaping from the clutches of the Dynamic Duo, Rembrandt Dickens the writer/artist of comic books based on Batman, Superman and other heroes decides to pursue the life of a comic book artist, detailing the crimes he has committed; But when his gang is released from prison, Dickens gives each of them poison rings, one of which scratches the Batman, and poisoned Batman…unless he finds the latest copy of Batman Comics, which contains a clue to Dickens’ whereabouts and antidote for the poison.

Batman #200


Published: March 1968
Story: Mike Friedrich
Art: Joe Giella
Cover: Neal Adams

CGC 9.6 Reprint – $780.00
CGC 8.0 Reprint  – $150.00
CGC 7.0 Reprint – $138.88
Ungraded – $13.50 – $160.00

Scarecrow used a fear-radiated pill on the Dynamic Duo, and made the duo unable to continue their war on crime until Alfred enters the picture. The Dynamic Duo then head out and capture several of their foes, each one having a clue on their persons which lead them to the Scarecrow.

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