Star Wars Comic Book #1 Values & Price Guide

Considered the holy grail of Star Wars Comic books – issue #1 has several variations & reprints that make it difficult for a new collector to sort out. Today we’ll go over the two 1st Print Newsstand Issues, and a few of the most common reprints.

1st Print 35-Cent Newsstand Issue

The 35-cent Star Wars #1 first print is more valuable than a 30-Cent version because only 1,500 were printed. It’s believed that only 400 copies of the 35-Cent versions still exist (Wikia).

35-Cent Variation 1st Print With UPC
35-Cent Variation 1st Print With UPC

Estimated Values & Price Guide

  • CGC 9.0 – $4,383
  • CGC 8.5 – $3,100
  • CGC 6.5 – $1,850
  • CGC 4.5 – $1,080
  • Ungraded $600 – $1,100+

These issues have a diamond shaped price box & a UPC code on the front cover. Given the rarity and desirability of owning this version copies don’t come up for sale very often.

1st Print 30-Cent Newsstand Issue

This Star Wars #1 issue is far more common than a 35-Cent 1st Printing, however these 1st prints are still quite valuable, especially in good condition.

Estimated Values & Price Guide:

  • CGC 9.8 – $500 – $695
  • CGC 9.6 – $230 – $350
  • CGC 9.4 – $155 – $225
  • CGC 9.2 – $135 – $165
  • CGC 9.0 – $135 – $150
Original 30-Cent Newsstand 1st Print
Original 30-Cent Newsstand 1st Print

35-Cent No UPC Whitman REPRINT

This Reprint has a Diamond Shaped Price Box & No UPC Code

CGC 9.8 – $340
In Original 3-Pack Cello – $40 – $100

35-Cent Whitman No UPC Reprint
35-Cent Whitman No UPC Reprint

30-Cent Marked Reprint With UPC REPRINT

This issue has “Reprint” next to Luke Skywalker in the character box. The issue also has a UPC code.

Ungraded – $5 – $25

30-Cent Marked Reprint With UPC
30-Cent Marked Reprint With UPC

1982 $1.25 With Spider-man UPC REPRINT

$1.25 1982 Reprint
$1.25 1982 Reprint


With the numerous reprint copies of Star Wars #1 floating around, make sure you know what you are buying before forking over big bucks. The original 35-Cent variation is the most desirable, but rarely is seen for sale in any quantity. Reprints still have some value, but not as much as the 1st print 30-cent version. The prices above reflect comic books already graded/slabbed by CGC – which is an added cost. If you are in the market to sell your issue – keep in mind a dealer is going to offer you 50-70% off the lowest prices above.

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  1. I have star wars #1 reprint triangle 35cents what will you give me.No barcode

  2. I have the # 1 STAR WARS COMIC 35 cents variant ,,square box and UPC barcode. It’s the real deal. This book should and will grade out 9.2 to 9.4. I can be reached at 901 550 1750.

      • Dan,
        What would be your offer? I know this isn’t the way to negotiate but I wanted to see if we were in the same ballpark.

        I bought this comic in 1977 at 7 eleven in Memphis Tn. when I was 12 years old. I can depart from this book at the right price. I also have other comics that I have considered selling. I have done my research and have a an idea what the market will bare. I can be reached at the # in my post.

  3. Anyone know if the sale of Star Wars #1 (.30 cent) has been increasing or decreasing in value ??

  4. I have a .35 cent #1 Issue too. Where would I sell it at to get the best price?

  5. I have #1 star wars comic 35 cent variant square box and ups code
    Will sell

  6. Check this out I have a 1 with a dollar 25 in the corner but it doesn’t have spider-man on it it has a UPC in this one is not even listed anywhere so I have no idea what this is worth

  7. I have Star wars #1, 35 cent, no UPC. probably grade 8.3 or so. I also have 2 thru 4, 35 cent, no UPC. probably grade 8.3 or so. Also have #’s 12, 14, 18 (35 cent issues, first printing), 23, 25, 36 (40 cent issues, first issue) probably 8.3 or so, and # 62 (60 cent issue, first issue) probably 9.1 or so. (book prices approx. $375 conservatively) I also have Droids # 1 thru 6, first issues, probably 9.7 or so. ($90 book prices) I also have Dark Empire II, # 1 thru 6, first issues, probably 9.7 or so ($90 book prices). These would all be GREAT starter comics for kids that are huge Star Wars fans just starting out on their comic collections. Make me an offer. Book price for all approx. $555. I will consider ALL offers. 🙂

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