Most Expensive Comic Books Sold In 2014

Hello, below is a list of the top comic book sales during 2014. There were some significant issues sold this year, including a record setting sale in August. The sales all come from online auction house ebay – and we track the top sales each month in our top selling comic books section.

#1 Action Comics #1

Action Comics #1 Graded CGC 9.0 Sold For $3,207,852
Graded CGC 9.0
Sold For: $3,207,852 (48 Bids)
Seller: highgrademagic-pristinecomics

This is the second Action Comics #1 graded CGC 9.0 to sell in recent years and the 2014 sale breaks the previous record. It’s comic book sale marks the 1st comic book to eclipse the 3,000,000+ during an auction. It’s also over $1,000,000 more than than Nicolas Cage’s copy realized in 2011. At these prices, finding an undiscovered Action Comics #1 in mint condition would be considered one of the holy grail comic book finds. If only I was so lucky!

#2 Batman #1

Batman #1 CGC 9

Graded CGC 9.0
Sold For: $75,535 – Buy-it-Now
March 2014
More Values: Batman Issues #1 – 10

$75k looks like a small figure compared to $3.2 million, but this is a significant sale and one of the finest Batman #1 comic books in existence. According to the CGC Population Report, there are 4 CGC 9.0 Batman #1 in existence. There are 5 Batman #1 comic books graded CGC 9.2 in existence.

#3 Amazing Fantasy #15

Amazing Fantasy #15 Comic Book Sold For $41,000

Graded CGC 7.0
Sold For: $41,000 (Buy-it-Now)
Sold On: August 2014

1st appearance of Spider-man and one of the most significant comic books ever printed. Amazing Fantasy #15 dominates our monthly top selling comic book column – but this issue sold for the highest value & was in the best condition.

#4 (Tie) The Amazing Spider-Man #14

The Amazing Spider-Man #14 CGC 9.6

Graded CGC 9.6
Sold For: $25,000 – Offer Accepted
Sold: March 2014

According to the CGC Population Report, only 9 comic books exist in this condition or better, and only 2 are graded higher.

#4 (Tie) Amazing Fantasy #15

Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 6.0

Graded CGC 6.0
Sold For: $25,000 (Best Offer)
Sold: 4/17/2014

Notice that the #3 comic book sale in 2014 is an Amazing Fantasy #15 comic book graded 7.0. You can see what 1 tick on the grading scale either way costs you on these high-end comic book sales … about $16,000 dollars!

#5 (Tie) Fantastic Four #1

Fantastic Four Comic Book #1 CGC 9.4

Graded CGC 9.4 (Restored)
Sold For: $17,500 – 1 Bid
February 2014

This Fantastic Four #1 comic book was restored to a CGC 9.4 condition. The restoratoin included color touches, pieces added, the spine was re-inforced and the book was cleaned. It appears they did a nice job. This comic book features the 1st appearance of the Fantastic Four.

#5 (Tie) Amazing Fantasy #15

Amazing Fantasy #1 Comic Book Graded CGC 5.0

Graded CGC 5.0
Sold For: $17,500 (72 Bids)

The 3rd Amazing Fantasy #15 comic book to make the top 10, and again you can see the price difference depending on the condition of the book. CGC 7 = $41k, CGC 6.0 $25k and CGC selling for $17.5k.

#6 (Tie) Amazing Fantasy #15

Amazing Fantasy Comic Book #15 CGC 5.0

Graded: CGC 5.0
Signed By Stan Lee
Sold For: $17,000 – Offer Accepted
March 2014

For some comic books, getting the key artist or writers to sign the book doesn’t always increase the value much at all. While a nice addition, Stan Lee’s signature currently doesn’t increase the value of a top-shelf type book like this. In the future it might.

#6 (Tie) The Fantastic Four #1

The Fantastic Four #1 Comic Book Graded CGC 7.0 Sold For $17,000

Graded CGC 7.0
Sold For; $17,000 (Best Offer)

Here’s a good example of how a restoration effects the value of a comic book. If done right, you can achieve a high price like the CGC 9.4 copy above. This Fantastic Four #1 comic book is in original non-restored CGC 7.0 condition, and it sells for about the same price. Ultimately, it’s a good idea to leave the comic book in it’s existing condition unless you have a professional restoration artist do the work.

#7 The Incredible Hulk #1

The Incredible Hulk #1 Graded CGC 6.0 Signed By Stan Lee Sold For 16,800

Graded CGC 6.0
Signed By Stan Lee
Sold For: $16,800 (Best Offer)

#8 Batman #1

Batman #1 CGC 1.0

Graded: CGC 1.0
Sold For: $16,500 – Offer Accepted
March 2014

This comic book might have piggy-backed off the sale of a CGC 9.0 Batman #1 comic book that sold the same month for $75,535 (see #2 ranked sale above).

#9 Amazing Fantasy #15

Amazing Fantasy #15 Comic Book CGC 4.0 Sold For $15,759

Graded CGC 4.0
Sold For: $15,795 (Buy-it-Now)

Notice as we get further down the grading scale, the price difference gets narrower as a CGC 5.0 wasn’t that much more than this one graded 4.0.

#10 Action Comics #10

Action Comics #10 CGC 4.5 Restored

Graded CGC 4.5 Restored
Sold For: $15,500 (Buy It Now)

This was a restored CGC 4.5 grade with extensive restoration.

We’ll keep updating this page through the end of 2014 with new top selling comic book sales.

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