2018 Topps The Walking Dead Hunters & The Hunted Trading Cards

2018 Topps The Walking Dead Hunters & The Hunted Trading Cards

  • 8 Cards Per Pack
  • 24 Packs Per Box
  • 8 Boxes Per Case

– One Autograph and One Additional Hit
– Twenty Four Base Parallels
– Twenty Four Inserts

Release Date: October 10, 2018

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This newest release of Topps for The Walking Dead brings the characters from the hit series into focus featuring new signers and new costumes. There will be a guaranteed one autograph and two hits per 24 pack box.

2018 Topps Walking Dead Hunters and the Hunted checklist will consist of 100 base cards highlighting characters from the series. Base parallels will have Orange (one per pack), Blue (#’d/50), Green (#’d/25), Purple (#’d/10), Black (#’d/5) and 1/1 Red.

There will be 4 insert choices and this will include Short-Printed Photo Variations, How to Take Down a Walker, Leaders and Epic Battles.

Just like the base set, autographs will have several parallels, six parallels to be exact and these will be Rust (#’d//99), Blue (#’d//50), Mold (#’d//25), Sepia (#’d//10) and 1/1 Red as well as printing plates. Base autographs will be done in black and white images. There will also be randomly inserted printing plates. Also in play will be Dual- and Triple-autograph cards. Duals will have Purple (#’d/10), Black (#’d/5) and Red 1/1 parallels while Triple will have will have Black and Red versions.

Costume Relics comes with wardrobe swatches and this will Orange (#’d/99), Blue (#’d/50), Green (#’d/25), Purple (#’d/10), Black (#’d/5), and Red (1/1) parallels. There will also be Dual Relics and auto Relics, which will have Purple (#’d/10), Black (#’d/5) and 1/1 Red parallels.


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