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  1. question: i have this issue with the silver background of, the death of, but the upc is there instead of the superman logo shown here, what issue do i have, and how come it is now here? does anyone know, provide email and i will send an image of the cover i have, and image of any other part you ask for,

    • Thank you! That one slipped by me but I have added it to the list above and provided a photo. The value is similar to the Silver background & Superman logo in the UPC box. Current market value is between $2 – $5 depending on the condition. Hope that helps.

  2. I have this issue, plastic wrapped, several signatures, including Jurgens and Breeding. Trying to find out value. Paid $118.50 from QVC on 02-02-93.

    • Thanks for the comment. I couldn’t find a recent exact example of a completed sale for the book you were looking for. However, similar books have sold in the $200 range recently. The condition of the book & the signatures would be a factor in value as well. Hope that helps.

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